Robust Vector Median Filter (2020)

Professor Wang has invented the robust vector median filter, for attenuating the impulse noise from 3D seismic data cubes in pre-stack domain. The invention has two attractive features: robust and structure adaptive.

A data example presented is from an area with shale oil reservoirs as the exploration target. The robust and structure-adaptive vector median filter improves the signal-to-noise ratio of seismic reflections, following steeply dipping thin layers of rhythmic sediments.

After the robust and structure-adaptive vector median filtering, the pre-stack seismic data cubes will be ready for confident analyses of seismic attributes, such as seismic coherence that reveals discontinuities including faults, fractures and channels. 

The article is published in GEOPHYSICS (2020, vol. 85, no. 5), doi: 10.1190/GEO2020-0012.1